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Angela Chick Beach Bullies Tote Bag
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Beach Bullies Tote Bag

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It’s time to do away with the beach bullies. Put them in their place and let them know you respect your beaches and they should do the same. Sadly, we’ve probably all been there – a lovely trip to the seaside and while beachcombing you come across a piece of brightly coloured plastic, then another, and another, and another. Before you know it you’ve got more than you can carry.

We’ve all seen a crisp packet floating down the beach, haven’t we? Or how about our favourite single use plastic carrier bags? How about all of those small blue and white plastic sticks from cotton buds?

Some litter may have been left behind by other beach visitors – maybe someone’s been fishing and left their hooks on the shore, waiting for you to step on. How about broken glass from the beach party the night before? Others (cotton buds, tampon applicators, etc) would have been discharged through the sewage system to end up right on your beach. Not only is this dangerous but it’s also disgusting as it’s not only plastic that comes through the system. It’s also affecting marine life to an alarming degree. That carrier bag you saw floating down the beach in the wind earlier may end up in the sea. Once the carrier bag reaches the water, a sea turtle may confuse it for jellyfish – it’s main food source, it’s hard to tell the difference underwater.

This tote bag features illustrations of a variety of items you may find on your shoreline that should not be there: crisp packets, plastic bottles, drink cans, baby wipes, fishing line, fishing hooks, broken glass, plastic carrier bags, plastic beer rings, etc. This cotton shopping bag is great for carrying around your beach gear, groceries and books and is MUCH better than plastic. You can use this bag time and time again knowing that you’ve avoided adding to the amount of single use carrier bags we consume daily.

Do you accept the challenge to ditch plastic? This cotton shopper is just the ticket!

Beach bullies – name them and shame them.
Don’t be a beach bully, respect our beaches.

Tote bag size: H43cm x W38cm with long handle.



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